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Finestjodi.com is a unique online matrimonial portal that aims to provide genuine matrimonial networking services. This portal is designed to overcome problemssuch as fake profiles and scams. Our foremost mission is to provide convenience to the customers followed by best value for money. Our service is backed by quality and satisfaction.

We have a legal tie-up with local marriage bureaus and these bureaus have uploaded their entire database on our website. Everybureau member is 100% personally and physically verified by them so we only represent genuine and authentic databases on our website. Also, each external profile is also verified by marriage bureaus. Thus, each profile passes through various screening processes ensuring an authentic and reliable match.

Our attractive user features include personalised guidance, photo protection features, verified phone numbers, so that you know that the person you’re talking to is a genuine person; and intelligent contact filters, which help both the bride and the groom zero in on the kind of people they are looking for, very easily. Other friendly features include match alerts that are sent by the website to a registered member as prospective grooms or brides through their personal email and other such messaging services.

As a part of our Premium service, users are assigned a relationship manager, who verifies all background checks on the prospective bride/groom on your behalf. The manager provides you with personalized assistance in finding the right partner for you with the assistance of advanced tools so you can find your match from amongst thousands of profiles.

Getting Started

Registration is simple and easy to fill. Just log on and and register by filling your complete details in the registration form to ensure the best match for you.Each member will have the provision to set preference such as community, location, profession, and more according to their choice. The filters offered are tailored for a range of customers that allows them to cater to specific needs.

Registered member can freely browse through the website and can take the benefits to set preferences such as community, location, profession and more.At the end if you are confident that there are enough matches as per your requirement you can opt for the Premium Plan.

The Premium Plan is the cornerstone of our offering to you. The Premium plan gives you access to your own Relationship Manager who will be with you every step of the step ensuring that you find your ‘finest jodi’.

Your Manager will interact with you to understand your expectations in detail and the feedback will be used to enhance your finestjodi.com profile if needed Your Manager will then shortlist the best matches from the entire database and send you on a weekly basis for approval Your Manager will contact prospects in which you are interested in, obtain their feedback and update you regularly on their responses Once both parties are interested in each other, your Manager organizes a meeting at a convenient time and location

Yes. A parent, sibling, aunt, uncle or friend, anyone can fill in your profile for you.

Only one email address is valid per profile.

Providing a phone number and verifying the same is mandatory for all profiles. You may choose to hide the number by opting for privacy setting.

Yes. You can choose to keep the same phone number if you have registered profiles for more than one member in the family.

All profiles registered on the site undergo a basic screening for content and photographs, post which it is made visible and searchable on the portal. This process may take up to 24 to 48 hours.

Login to your profile dashboard. Click on Upload Photos and go through the given instructions.

You can change the E-mail address and phone number from your personal dashboard. Please ensure verification of your phone number as and when prompted on the page.

Please follow the instructions on the Verification page to verify the phone number. In case of any issues, please get in touch with us from the ‘Contact Us’ page.

No one can contact a profile from finestjodi.com directly. The basic USP of our site is to protect the privacy our patrons at all times, which is why our Relationship Manager views the suitability of your match and acts as medium introducing the best potential matches.

Yes. There is a limit to the number of Interests one can send. You can contact your Relationship Manager for more details.

The privacy of our patrons is paramount to our portal. Hence your Relationship Manager is your only contact between prospects.

Privacy Settings & Fraud Alerts

Yes. You can go to Privacy Settings and set privacy on who all can visit your Profile.

Yes. You can apply Privacy settings on your phone number, photograph and horoscope.

We aim to avoid Fraud at all costs hence there is a Relationship Manager as a mediator between potential prospects.

We are a new start-up but we add new matches every day. Hence it might take a little while but we will definitely find you the finest match!

The more complete your profile is, the better the response on the portal.Members get the complete information not only about other members but also about their family, This makes it easier to get a positive response to your profile.

Your dashboard is where you can manage all your preferences.

The site is very user friendly and has filters and preferences which you can preset.

There is a form on your dashboard which you can fill out.

No one will directly be able to contact you at all. All contact is mediated through your Relationship Manager.

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