Safety Tips

We all get a little worried about security and privacy. And rightly so. When we talk about Finest Jodi being extremely conscience about security of its patrons, we mean it. We want to provide an extremely safe platform for you to surf and not worry about where your data is being used. The concept of our site rests on the foundation that every profile is properly screened so that we can filter out the unwanted. Having said that, we need to work as a team. As any online platform, there are instances where we cannot control everything. There are certain limitations. To avoid such situations, there are certain guidelines that we follow meticulously and we request you to do the same.

Given below are few red flags that you need to look out for:

  • I need some money, honey!

    OK, this is extremely common. When we all talk about finances, the dirty eyes widen, misbehaving mind thinks scams. Under any circumstances do not provide any financial details to anybody on the site. Do not talk about how deep your pockets are, when you are trying to impress. Do not entertain people who ask for any sort of financial help. Bring it to our notice. We will handle the rest.

  • Be vigilant and most of all patient!

    All of us get excited to see a beautiful profile picture and straight away become an open book. This is just what they are waiting for. Make sure the any correspondence emails do not reflect your place of work, your number and address. Create a separate email for finest Jodi communications. Go to the partner profile and see whether it looks realistic. Trust your instincts but also be very mindful about your doubts. Seek help from family and friends to get a second opinion or third. Stay anonymous until you are extremely sure about taking the next step of providing contact details. If it’s meant to happen, your potential partner will respect your genuineness and give you that space. Remember, you are the ruler of your kingdom. Do not be pressurized to reveal your personal information.

  • Don’t judge a book by its cover, but ask for a pic!

    Process wise, there may be hardly any reason for any individual not to upload their pic or try avoiding that request. The reason why it is important because a picture can reveal quite a few attributes about the person; work, social setting, friends, dressing etc. These parameters may help in figuring out the person’s interests.

    If a person uploads an unacceptable picture of you or of themselves, bring it to our notice.

  • The sweet talker...we love it and it works well in movies!

    The chat option is provided to you just for that. The way an individual communicates can reveal a lot about their personality and education. It will indicate how well the individual is capable of expressing his/her thoughts. If you feel that the conversation can be taken to the next level, have a chat over the phone. Elders should be involved if you are unsure about anything. Our advice is to take a prepaid sim card just for matrimonial purposes. Keep a very sharp about eccentric or out of place comments. It’s a red flag right there.

  • I will tell you more when we meet!

    Just to remind you again that you are the ruler and the judge. When you are ready to meet, that’s when the meeting should happen. There are no negotiations. There will be plenty of times you may wish to compromise, but that’s not now! Make sure your meeting place and time is safe and open to public. A famous café or a restaurant might help. A movie date…not a good idea. Take a friend along with you if your gut says so. Do not ever say yes to cosy and secluded places for a meeting. Do not consider this to be a romantic dinner with your partner. Make sure you do not meet at an unearthly time. A night walk on the beach sounds romantic but definitely not safe. Make sure you have one of your friend’s and a law enforcement officer’s number on speed dial. The person may be a gent and offer you a ride home. Avoid this situation and organise your own transport. Do not be sorry, be safe!

  • It’s time to play Sherlock!

    Seek, analyse and realize. Get a download of what the person says or does to questions asked and watch out for warning signs. Observe how the person reacts to situations that may give you an insight about that individual’s behaviour towards other people. Take a note of the extremities; anger, frustration, sorrow and boastful attitude. This may not fit the bill. Attitude reflects personality and that’s the data you should be analysing.

A villain for a matrimonial movie carries the following characteristics:

  • Not ready for commitment
  • Struggles or thinks too much to answer simple questions
  • Never gives a direct answer
  • Doesn’t want to meet the family
  • Avoids further communication with you for unexplained reasons

Finest Jodi is all about following your heart and finding the best match that you will be spending the rest of your life with. In all fairness, we all succumb to love. But finding true love in this world also calls for a mind full approach. The more uncomplicated you make the process of choice, better the results. Lastly, don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you. Mutual respect of privacy will go a long way in finding your finest Jodi.

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